Professional voltage testers

As market leader for 2-pole voltage testers we comply with the hightest safety requirements as well as extended functional ranges - from basic to professional level. Also available in your housing!

ProCompact series: the version without load buttons is very compact but still has all important functions and is certified for highest safety according to EN61243-3.

ProRCD series: the models with switchable load (RCD buttons) are the top models in the HDT portfolio of 2-pole voltage testers. They offer a wide range of functions such as TRMS, frequency measurement or resistance measurement and also the possibility of connecting a load for tripping a residual current circuit breaker or eliminating ghost voltages. This is done in accordance with the standard via the two-hand operation of the RCD buttons in the main body and test probe of the voltage tester.

ProCleanTech series: the new application fields of solar or e-car have extended requirements for the safety of voltage testers. This is reflected in the highest protection class in the field of low voltage, CAT IV 1000V. Here HDT offers models in the classic compact design of the 2-pole voltage tester with main body and long test probe.