We develop electronic products from concept to manufacture

As specialist for electrical Test & Measurement instruments with own development and manufacturing HDT offers you innovative and high quality products at competitive cost. Our broad portfolio of ready-to-go OEM instruments is supplemented by many customer specific ODM products. Your brand is supported in whole by HDT - with "just" an own housings, extension of existing HDT technologies or new developments from scratch. All in one hand - our own development teams and factories give us complete controll on quality, cost and keep the competence for Test & Measurement in house.

Lars Christian Beha, managing director of HDT Lars Christian Beha, managing director of HDT

"As a family business we highly value strong partnerships, reliability, quality and sustainability -  we are convinced that a long term cooperation always delivers better results than short term thinking.  Those are not mere words for us but we really live that. German "Mittelstand" down to our german accent ;-) The electrical Test & Measurement business goes with our family since beginning of the 70s, today already in the 2nd Generation. We work solely as partner of strong brands and concentrate on development and manufacturing of innovative test instruments"

The HDT development teams in Germany and Serbia have an extensive tool box with ready-to-go T&M technologies to implement your ideas fast and cost effective.

Over 30 engineers permanently are working on customer projects and on the extension of our OEM Test & Measurement instruments portfolio. Our plattforms like the one for 2-pole voltage testers are enhanced continuously not only in regards to functionality but also to cost. We work on the different application areas for electricians, be it the safe daily measurement of voltage or current or the acceptance test of a complete electric building installation. Specific topics like creepage distance or safety tests with 12kV voltage pulses are part of our daily work as well as working with institutes like CSA or TÜV. This way you get to your product fast and cost effective.

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Holger Emberger, Technical Director Holger Emberger, Technical Director

“Reducing costs in China can be very expensive.”
That is the experience of our managing director, Holger Emberger, after working together with production facilities in low labour cost countries for over 20 years. High costs for communication, quality issues, and the danger of losing know-how quickly devour any savings.

The HDT development teams in Germany and Serbia have an extensive tool box with ready-to-go T&M technologies to implement your ideas fast and cost effective.

It is precisely these disadvantages that HDT addresses: project managers in Germany who are well-versed with China are your point of contact. Our manufacturing facility near Hong Kong, HDT Dongguan, is a 100% subsidiary of the HDT Group. Our employees there, who have worked for us for years, are familiar with the requirements of European customers thanks to the many successful projects completed. HDT Group‘s quality management department, based in Germany, has daily discussions regarding current issues with the QA Team in Dongguan and also visits the facility regularly. Besides that, usually once per month we have an external audit carried out by certification authorities such as TÜV, SGS and CSA or by one of our customers.
Our factories in China  and Serbia (starting 2020) and our supplier network are specialized on quality and the best possible cost-performance ratio.

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Facts and figures about Hoover Dam Technology

  • Specialist for Test & Measurement instruments
  • OEM portfolio, customer-specific products
  • Part of the BEHA Group with over 40 years of experience in the development and manufacture of electronic products
  • Headquarters: Glottertal, Germany Development team: approx. 30
  • Total number of employees: over 150
  • Manufacturing sites: Glottertal, Germany (up to 500 units/year), starting 2020 Svilajnac/Serbia (from 100 units/year) Dongguan, China (over 1,000 units/year)
  • ISO 9001 certified, SAP as ERP since 1999