Manufacturing plant in China for quantities up to 500,000 units

Our factory in Dongguan, China, is as subsidiary of the HDT Group 100% owned by us  and specialized on small (from 1,000 pcs) to medium sized quantities (up to 500,000 pcs). We are ideally positioned for products like our test instruments for electricians. We are located in a industrial park with the most important suppliers literally next door, for example for test leads, and surrounded by a strong supplier network e.g. for injection moulding or manufactured electronic components.

"Focus of our factory in Dongguan are the important production steps assembly, calibration and test. Being located in the Pearl-River-Delta we can rely on a very good supplier network, part of that being stable and reliable partners since years - in the middle for the biggest cluster for electronics manufacturing worldwide. We are achieving high quality and safety standards manufacturing test instruments for example by purchasing all materials and components ourselves or by our factory process set-up according to LEAN. Especially proud is our factory team of the self-developed so-called "Blitz-Kaizen"."
explains Berthold Schlieske, factory manager and cousin of Lars Beha.

Manufacturing plant in Serbia for advanced measuring instruments

The newest production facility in the free trade zone of Svilajnac is located about an hour's drive south of Belgrade and our development centre. In the approx. 1,200 sqm large assembly hall with warehouse, installation and appliance testers as well as measuring instruments are manufactured, where the production in a close distance to our R&D center is valuable. 

With this location we can realize excellent lowest costs by using existing supply chains, especially from Asia and the benefit of low east European wages.

Specialized production in Germany for small series up to 500 pieces

At our headquarters in Glottertal, Germany, we operate a small production mainly for small batches and welding and joining tools.
The usual batch size is from 50 to approx. 500 pcs per year.