2021 August

Annual company outing with dual use

A team from the HDT R&D center in Belgrade was able to see for themselves during their annual company outing to the new HDT plant in Svilajnac that their "babies" are in good hands. With only a one-hour drive from the Belgrade development center to the new plant,...

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2021 July

Good things come to those who wait – HDT factory in Serbia online

After a one-year delay due to the difficulties of the Corona pandemic, the production team of HDT Serbia moved from Belgrade to the purpose-built HDT plant at the new location in July.

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2021 March

New "CleanTech" products available from the e-car sector

"One in eight newly registered cars in Europe had a battery under the hood in 2020" according to the countries' registration statistics. In order to serve the increasing demand for installation and safety testing, HDT presents new products from the field of e-car charging stations.

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2021 February

HDT now also part of Digi-Keys network

Digi-Key has been a strong supplier for HDTs engineering teams for many years, in Germany, Serbia and China. Being asked to join their D&IS program now makes especially HDTs engineers proud, happy to give back some of the good support they received.

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2021 January

HDT takes advantage of opportunities presented by the energy transformation

focus on measurement technology development on "CleanTec" applications. "More than 50% of electricity generation in Germany is renewable", "More e-cars than cars with combustion engines registered in Norway", "Coal-fired power plants displaced by wind farms in the USA" - headlines like these have hardly been noticed in 2020 besides all the news on the Corona crisis.

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2020 December

HDT joins Analog Device Partnership Program

Having worked together with HDT several years on applications for new sensors and ICs in electrical test instruments ADI now extended the invitation to join their partnership program to officially join forces to apply new ADI technology to develop innovative products in the test instrument field.

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2020 August

High-ranking visitor in Dongguan

To get an impression of HDT in Dongguan Mr. Martin Fleischer, consul general of Germany in Guangzhou, visited HDT end of July.

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2020 July

Fifth HDT site completed

Low customs duties, high flexibility, logistic advantages – only some of the advantages that favor a production “made in Europe” are versatile.

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2020 June

"No deviations - positive confirmation"

HDT production facility in Dongguan / China has again successfully passed the annual TÜV certification.

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2020 May

One hundred ten thousand!

Yi bai wan (一百万) - „One hundred ten thousand“ that is how Chinese people say if they speak about one million. A remarkable number also when talking about the manufacturing of 2-pole voltage testers.

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2020 March

Safety First: HDT in times of Covid-19

We hope this message finds you, your families, friends and collegues well and in good health. This special situation is difficult for all of us - at home and at work.

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2019 October

Capacity expansion: Contracts for the new plant signed

The HDT Group is expanding its production facilities with a plant in Svilajnac, Serbia.

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2019 October

Hong Kong Electonics Fair 13th – 16th October 2019

Already for the 14th time in a row HDT was exhibiting at the Hong Kong Electronics Show, one of the world’s biggest fair for electronic products and test instruments.

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2019 September

PTIA Pro Tool Innovation Award for the AT-6010 Advanced Wire Tracer Kit

The Amprobe AT-6010 Wire Tracer, developed and manufactured by HDT, wins the well-respected PTIA Pro Tool Innovation Award 2019.

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2019 July

Why 2-pole voltage testers have their own standard

The new HDT instrument 3610 looks like a fork meter but is call a current-voltage-tester. Why is that?

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2015 October

NECA „Showstopper“ award for PRM6 at annual convention in San Fransisco

The Phase Sequence and Motor Rotation Tester Amprobe PRM6, developed and manufactured by HDT, is awarded the “Showstopper” award,

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2014 July

reddot Design Award for LT-10

The Amprobe lamp tester LT-10, developed and manufactured by HDT, receives the reddot design award

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