The BEHA group of companies celebrates to have reached the “half century”.


Extentsion of the management team
Strengthening of the management team lead by Holger Emberger, HDT`s long-standing managing director. (with the company since 2010).


New factory in China
Move in to the new factory in Dongguan, China, in only 8 days. With this new facility the production area is more than doubled.


Mission CleanTech
HDT sharpens its strategy and business model with focusing on CleanTech applicatons. This way the new business opportunity is seized which arrises trough the accelerated change from primary fossil raw materials to renewable electricity. And each and every one at HDT can contribute to a cleaner and greener future.


New manufacturing location
The new factory in Svilajnac, Serbia, is finished in spring 2020. This factory was planned mainly to manufacture the new products in the area of installation testers (MFTs) and portable appliance testers (PAT).


Strong focus on electrical test instruments
HDT decides to focus even stronger on electrical test instruments and introduces many new products on the Hong Kong Electronics Show. Those are for example new installation testers, portable appliance testers, multimeters, fork meters and voltage testers.


Establishment of a further product group
With since 2007 now over 40 different products in the area of joining for conveyor belts and electronic soldering those products have grown to a own product group.


Mammoth project
HDT launches a complete portfolio of electrical test instruments for a international customer and his brand (development and manufacturing, in total over 20 products).


2nd Generation
The management of HDT´s factory in Dongguan, China, is taken over by Berthold Schlieske (son of Gertrud Schlieske née Beha)


40th company anniversary
Beha celebrates its 40-year anniversary in Glottertal


New development center & location
HDT establishes a new development center in Belgrad/Serbia and triples the engineering team.


On 12.10.2011 company founder Christian Beha passes away at the age of 69.


New strategy
First job for the director Holger Emberger when joining HDT Electronic was to develop the new business model and strategy. This is beeing changed fundamentaly: HDT now focuses on working as a second tier company to develop and manufacture electrical test instruments which are solely distributed and sold by customers under their own brandname. On the one hand a portfolio of ready-to-go OEM test instruments is planned, for customers to be branded and sold in their own housing colour. On the other hand a strong focus is put on turnkey customer projects (from the idea to the finished product).


2nd Generation
The company management of BEHAbelt is being reinforced by Markus Beha (son of Bernhard Beha).


2-pole voltage testers according to EN 61243-3:2010
HDT develops and manufactures the worldwide first 2-pole voltage tester according to the new standard EN 61243-3:2010.


New factory in China
A new factory to manufacture electronic products is beeing established in Dongguan, China


2nd Generation
The company management is being reinforced by Lars Beha (son of Christian Beha).
Bernd Beha (son of Bernhard Beha) ist already working in the company.


Foundation Hoover Dam Technology GmbH
HDT is registered with the companies registry in Freiburg. Objective is to develop and manufacture electronic products.


New company building
Moving into today`s headquarters of the BEHA Group of Companies


Foundation stone ceremony
Start of planning and foundation stone ceremony for the factory building complex "In den Engematten 16“, Glottertal.


Sale of the company
The CH. BEHA GmbH with focus on "test and measurement instruments for electricians" and its brands "UNITEST" and "UNIWATT" is sold to Fluke (part of the US-based DANAHER corporation). The company BEHA Innovation GmbH stays in the ownership of the Beha family.


Market leader with german electric wholesale
The Ch. BEHA GmbH with ist brand "UNITEST" is market leader for test and measuring instruments in the german electric wholesale and has over 300 employees worldwide.


Foundation of the company HDT (Hoover Dam Technology) as subsidiary in the US in Boulder City, Nevada


To further extend the production capacity an additional factory is established in Zuhai, China


ISO 9001 certification worldwide
The Beha Group of Companies got certified by ISO 9001 on all their wordwide locations.


New company building
New company building „In den Engematten 14“, Glottertal was established


ISO 9001 certification
Both factories in Ireland got certified by ISO 9001


Strategic partnership in USA. Second factory in Ireland
Greenlee/Textron became a nimportant strategic partner for distributing UNITEST test and measurement instruments in the US.

To cover the increasing demand, the production capacity had to be extended significantly. Therefore the second, larger plant was set up for the production of test and measurement instruments in Carrigaline/Cork, Irland.


First factory in Ireland
The first factory outside Germany for the production of test and measurement instruments is opened in Roundstone/Connemara, Ireland


Introduction of the brand "UNIWATT" for lab power supplies


The management team is extended by Bernhard Beha, brother of Christian Beha.


Renovation finished
Finalization of the renovation and extension work at the "old" school house.


Moving into the company building
Move to the "old" school house in Föhrental for development and production, Glottertal.


Foundation of Ch. Beha GmbH and move to "old" school house
Christian Beha founds the company "Ch. Beha GmbH Technische Neuentwicklungen". Introduction of the brand "UNITEST" with the first voltage proof continuity tester V1X200.


Research contract from the German government in Bonn
"Humanising the working environment" with the goal of automatisation of dangerous working areas in saw mill "Gschwander", Glottertal, by the working partnership Beha/Gschwander


First office and workshop
Set-up of office and workshop in the parents house of the Beha family by Christian Beha and his wife Liselotte.