Specialist for T&M

As specialist company for T&M we draw from the extensive experience of our engineers when developing and qualifying our instruments, both in our R&D center in Glottertal and in Serbia. The team looks back at over 250 years of accumulated experience  if you would sum it up.

This starts with understanding the specific safety requirements of electrical test and measuring instruments as the electrician risks live and health at his daily work. Further involving EMC-stable designs and smart layouts minimizing size and cost of a product. And does not stop at our excellent ability in prototyping and testing.

Testing laboratory for quality assurance

In our electrical safety lab in Glottertal our products are tested to the core during defined milestones in development, at production ramp up for verification of the supply chain and processes and samples during mass production.

For example our custom in-house test equipment to surge electronic circuit boards with voltage pulses of up to 12kV enables our QA-team to qualify test instruments to be safe for the user.

Development department in Belgrade

Our 2nd and now biggest R&D center is located in Nikola Teslas homeland. Our hard and software engineers and technicians work in our offices there on more than 450sqm on various projects. Here our so-called "measuring machines" are developed and  enhanced.

„Embedded Systems“ is one of the main areas for our engineers. We work with a variety of microcontrollers, starting with low-cost "local Chinese" ones or the Atmel Tiny then platforms from Freescale or Texas Instruments up to complex models and FPGAs.

Mass production and connectivity

As a manufacturing company our team fully understands what the results of their job should be – not only electronics working in the development stage but qualified and industrialized products running smoothly in mass production.

The next generation of connected test instruments is being developed by our software team. They are working on not only simple data base applications for example for PAT testers according to VDE 0701-0702. But also on ways how to support work procedures in the field for example when testing and approving a building installation using a tablet-operated software application.