One hundred ten thousand!

Dongguan, China. Yi bai wan (一百万) - „One hundred ten thousand“ that is how Chinese people say if they speak about one million. A remarkable number also when talking about the manufacturing of 2-pole voltage testers. In early May Hoover Dam Technology produced the one millionth unit at its facility in Dongguan, China. Production Supervisor Haibo Chen presented a gold-plated voltage tester from the 303x series as a surprise to factory Manager Berthold Schlieske. „Without doubt we are proud that we achieved such a number in a niche market – and within a few years only“, says Berthold Schlieske. „Together with our valued customers and partners we have already achieved a lot – but for sure we’re eager to add a few more „golden“ units from our production cells.“

More “golden” units could follow out or our extensive and constantly growing range of 2-pole voltage testers, but also from other test instruments from HDT. In times of the Corona crisis, the company with headquarter in Germany’s Black Forest is focusing on expanding its innovative and at the same time best value for money test instrument portfolio “for the electrician”. This includes, for example, the new current-voltage tester, the extended multimeter series or the modern multifunction tester (MFT).