Professional IP2X voltage tester with LED-chain, LCD and current fork (AC)

Model number: 3612
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Professional voltage tester with LED-chain, LCD and current fork (fork meter)

The swiss pocket knife for the electrician

Everything that the electrician needs on the job site in a size that fit in your cargo pants pocket. The HDT 3612 is the first professional voltage tester with LED chain certified according to EN 61234, that also allows you to measure current!

  • Slim shape and size to fit in cargo pants pocket
  • Measurement of voltage (...1000 V AC, 1500 V DC), current (...200 A AC), resistance (...100 kΩ), frequency, continuity and rotary field
  • Non-contact and single pole voltage indication
  • Voltage indication by LED chain in jaw and LCD /w backlight
  • IP2X test tip fixture @ front with 19 mm distance to fit sockets
  • Bright torch light in front
  • Vibration motor and buzzer for safe feedback in any environment
  • Various patents applied
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