EV active test lead

Model number: 1935
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Patent pending

The HDT 1935 EV active test lead is THE standard accessory that should be part of every Multifunction Tester (MFT), such as 4 mm test leads or alligator clips. If fits into most standard MFT bags, is super easy to use and supports all relevant measurements of a MFT.


The active test lead is to to simply wire between the EVSE charging point (Type-2 connector) and the measurement inputs of the MFT. All wires of the charging connector are available: L1, L2, L3, N, PE, CP and PP.
This allows to perform typical MFT measurements:

  • voltage
  • frequency
  • phase indication
  • phase sequence
  • various RCD tests and measurements
  • insulation resistance
  • low ohm measurements
  • line and loop impedances
  • etc ....
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