2-pole voltage tester series "ProCleanTech"

Model number: 3038, 3039
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voltage tester with RCD buttons, LCD version

Voltage tester with highest safety 
CAT IV / 1000 V 


Model 3038 with LED Display:

  • AC/DC Voltage tester 12...1000 V AC and 12...1500 V DC
  • LED Display
  • TÜV / GS certification
  • Overvoltage category CAT IV / 1000 V
  • Continuity test function with optical and acoustical indication
  • Integrated single pole test
  • Rotary field indication
  • Automatic detection of polarity
  • Integrated torch light
  • Shockproof and ergonomic housing
  • Fast one-hand operation for test sockets with 19 mm spacing
  • Probe-tip protection

Model 3039 with with LED and LCD Display with features like 3038,
and also offers:

  • LCD display with backlight
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