HDT takes advantage of opportunities presented by the energy transition - focus of measurement technology development on "CleanTech" applications

Glottertal, Germany. "More than 50% of electricity generation in Germany is renewable", "More e-cars than cars with combustion engines registered in Norway", "Coal-fired power plants displaced by wind farms in the USA" - headlines like these have hardly been noticed in 2020 besides all the news on the Corona crisis.

However, the fundamental change in our energy supply, from fossil raw materials to renewable electricity, has accelerated once again in the last year. Today, renewable energies are cost-effective and technologically mature. Clean technologies, "CleanTech", are not only ecologically necessary, but also make sense from economic point of view.

"For us as a test instrument specialist with a strong development department as well as close contact to the end user, the focus on CleanTech is obvious“, says Holger Emberger, Managing Director of HDT. „Together with our customers, we want to take advantage of these business opportunities. In addition, we as a company want to contribute to decarbonization. We want to help keep the earth livable for our children."

Governments and companies are pushing a wide variety of issues here, such as extensive government subsidies for e-cars or e-car charging stations, or industry projects to build new manufacturing plants with DC grids instead of AC grids.

The transformation of the energy sector is having a significant impact on the requirements for electrical test instruments. New product fields are, amongst others, devices for the maintenance of e-cars and their charging stations, special voltage testers for high DC voltages of solar systems or measurement technology for DC networks.

In the future, HDT will focus on the development of test instrument and measurement technology for CleanTech applications. „Existing products will be upgraded to be "CleanTech ready" explains Holger Emberger. „In addition, new product groups will be created. Examples are test devices for e-car charging stations or power analyzers  for planning of optimal network utilization, which are already in development or even almost ready for market introduction.“

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