Moving within 8 days in Dongguan, China

The starting signal that initiated the move to the new HDT premises was given on 6 June. Just eight days later, the first voltage testers, multimeters, current clamps and other devices "rolled off the production line" in the new premises.

Plant manager Berthold Schlieske described the fact that "almost all employees remained loyal to us" as an "important building block for the smooth relocation of the HDT factory in Dongguan". Everyone pulled the sleeves up, from ordinary operator to management team and suppliers. We were also lucky with the weather, as there was hardly any rain in this otherwise very wet period, which helped with the move."

In the meantime, a good five months have passed, and everyday life is back at HDT's China production facility. "Of course, we had to deal with a bit of “teething trouble" at the beginning, but in the meantime, everything is running as planned," adds Holger Emberger, Managing Director. And: both TÜV and CSA have qualified and approved the new plant, and the ISO audit (9001:2015) has also been successfully completed at the new location.

This means that nothing stands in the way of HDT's further growth. On the 4200 square meter site, the continuous expansion of the portfolio for OEM as well as ODM customers is to be further advanced. "In addition, we want to vertically invest in our range of manufacturing capabilities and carry out even more production steps in-house in the future in order to further optimize the quality, delivery and reliability of our products," explains Schlieske. There will be no space problem for the time being: the floor above (4500m2) has been reserved by contract and can be occupied within a few weeks if required.

In addition to the production capabilities, a new development project in the field of soldering technology, which was started at the new plant in Dongguan independently of the HDT development teams in Serbia and Germany, further underlines the ambitions of the Chinese HDT location.