New "CleanTech" products available from the e-car sector

Glottertal, Germany. "One in eight newly registered cars in Europe had a battery under the hood in 2020" according to the countries' registration statistics.

Vehicles with gasoline or diesel engines are being replaced by electric cars, and the first countries such as Norway have already issued sales bans for pure combustion engines starting in 2025. In Germany, this will require about 30% more electrical energy and a very large number of charging points will have to be installed. Intelligent load management is also necessary to avoid overloading the grid. 

Here, too, a whole range of new or modified requirements for electrical measurement technology are emerging, and HDT is working on them. The first new products have been launched this month: an adapter for testing charging stations for electric cars in combination with a installation tester. Also for this purpose, the RCD type with 6mA direct current has also been added to the HDT installation tester.

Various other products are currently still under development at HDT and already planned for market launch in 2021.

Further information on the EVSE adapter and the installation tester you find at: