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What is the difference in using a soldering iron vs a soldering station? And what is the difference between open vs close loop temperature control?

Soldering Iron Soldering Iron

Soldering Iron

  • Mostly no temperature control
  • If there is some temperature control in most cases it will be open loop
  • Tip temperature becoming very high when not in use and will settle down to some point depending on soldering objects mass, room temperature etc. …
  • Tip temperature is not predictable, depending on power of the soldering iron and outside factors
  • High tip temperature can be stressful for soldering object
  • High temperature will lead to tip oxidation and premature failure
  • User will need different irons for different jobs, e.g. a stronger one for soldering wires and lower power unit for fine jobs
Soldering station Soldering station

Soldering station

  • Temperature control is standard (open or closed loop)
  • Controllable tip temperature
  • Depending on the controller quality, it will keep tip temperature in defined boundaries
  • The tip will not become unnecessarily hot
  • Longer tip life span
  • For a different job you will just need a different tip
  • Can offer functions like calibration, networking, preserving energy, controlling of other soldering equipment ….