Rotary field indicator series 813x

Model 8130 8131 8132 8133
Phase LCD Display L1,L2,L3 3x LED „L1“, „L2“, „L3“ LCD Display L1,L2,L3 3x LED „L1“, „L2“, „L3“
Rotary field Indicator LCD Display „R“, „L“ 2x LED „R“. „L“ LCD Display „R“, „L“ 2x LED „R“. „L“
Warning Indicator LCD 1x LED LCD 1x LED
Phase to Phase Voltage Range 40...700V 100...700V 40...700V 100...700V
Max. Input Voltage per Phase (Lx) to neutral (N) 400V
Frequency 15...400 Hz 50...60 Hz 15...400Hz 50...60 Hz
Operating Time permanent
Duration time ≤ 3,5 mA
Overvoltage Category CAT IV, max. 600V against ground
Pollution degree 2
Temperature Range 0...40°C
Altitudes above SL ≤ 2000m
Protection degree IP 40
In compliance with IEC/EN 61010-1,
IEC/EN 61557-7,
IEC/EN 611010-031
Dimension (approx.) ca. 93 x 75 x 31 mm 89 x 70 x 25 mm
Weight (approx.) ca. 115g (ohne Kabel) 120g