Technology toolbox for Test & Measurement - get your new product fast and cost-efficient

As expert in Test & Measurement we develop and manufacture your desired product. You benefit from our extensive technology toolbox, our experience in project management and low tooling cost. We then manufacture your product in one of our factories in Asia or Europe at very competitive cost.

Final specification, concepts and scribbles

This project phase is the first and most important one as here the product specification is fixed. Target product pricing, project cost and technical specs and features are part if this.  Product design and sketches then put some "meat on the data bones".Already here you benefit from our experience - a lot of functions and features in Test and Measurement has been already developed by us. This reduces time, cost and risks considerably.

Form models

One of the next steps where the birth of a new products gets touchable is the transfer of the product design to form models. This is done for example to verify ergonomics and product handling.

Functional sample of electronics

Around the same time the industrial designer is working we develop the functional samples of the electronics. With this we test if the electronics is working as we plan - layout on a final PCB then follows in one of the next steps.

Engineering Sample

With the so-called engineering sample we merge design and functions. The electronics are already layouted on the final PCBA, for housing and mechanical parts we use 3D print or milling.

Finished product

After engineering sample the toolings, mostly injection toolings, are made and we transfer the development to one of our factories in Asia or Europe. We then close the project with delivery of the first mass production batch of finished and packed products to you - usually a sucessfull start and market success for many years.    

Download the development brochure of HDT here.